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New York Itinerary

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ARTECHOUSE is the nation’s first innovative art destination dedicated to the intersection of art, science and technology.

From immersive art spaces to an extended reality (XR) mobile app, ARTECHOUSE is where curiosity-seekers of all ages go to experience creative innovation without limits. Founded in 2015, ARTECHOUSE has become the premier destination, both online and offline, for genre-pushing, technology-driven art.

Utilizing the largest seamless megapixel count projections of any cultural institution and integrating Hyperreal Sound technology, ARTECHOUSE NYC offers visitors and artists alike the most technologically advanced art platform in the world. Taking over the never-previously-occupied boiler room space beneath the iconic Chelsea Market, ARTECHOUSE NYC is one of the most unique art destinations and things to do in New York City.

Current Installation: TRUST is a unique data-driven immersive exhibition that explores and interprets the multiple meanings and implications of the concept of trust, generating distinctive real-time data experiences throughout the run of the exhibition. On a broad level, through data examination it observes how historical events have influenced trust and considers how this can evolve in the future. More specifically, it further uses the data points to examine how the presence or absence of trust can shift the perception of our individual realities.
“In conceiving our spaces our goal has always been to create a technological canvas capable of empowering and inspiring artists to push the limits of creative innovation. I am thrilled that our capabilities of real-time data visualizations are enabling the creative vision of fuse* studio in telling the story of TRUST. This new commission is an exciting opportunity to not only explore possibilities within the field of data-driven art, but to also examine up close ways in which our seemingly personal feelings of trust can affect the entire world and have far-reaching implications,” - Sandro, ARTECHOUSE Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Using historical and current indicators of trust in our society, such as historical news and blockchain data points, fuse* analyzes and artistically translates the levels of this feeling into visuals. The exhibition delves into a conceptual timeline and takes the viewer through three ‘chapters’: Past, based on a historical data archive; Present, using data that is processed in real-time to create “living” art; and Future, from predictions of trust moving forward. In order to predict future levels of trust, fuse* trained a recurrent neural network (RNN) to make forecasts. The work is then brought to life using ARTECHOUSE’s unprecedented presentation ecosystem composed of high-resolution projection, hyperreal immersive sound technology and custom made software, created to support creative experimentation of today’s artists.

fuse* is a multidisciplinary art studio working with emerging technology to interpret the complexity of human and natural phenomena. In 2019, the Italian studio had its North American solo debut at ARTECHOUSE’s Washington, DC location with the exhibition Everything in Existence, featuring some of thecollective’smostimportantinstallationsfromtheprevious10years.Theobjectiveoffuse*is to push past accepted limits, spur empathy and seek out new interplay between light, space, sound and movement.

“Through this exhibition, we aim to offer viewers an opportunity to think about the meaning of “trust” and convey our belief that at any time, we have the option to choose whether to be guided by fear and anger, or to have the courage to trigger change. Our choices define our future.” - fuse* collective.

TRUST is the latest in the series of ARTECHOUSE collaborations with some of the most innovative artists and partners working at the intersection of art, science, and technology today, which in the past have included Refik Anadol, Zach Lieberman, Rhizomatiks, NONOTAK, Society for Neuroscience and more.

New York Yankees - Game Tickets


A trip to the ball field should be on the itinerary of any visitor in search of an authentic American experience. Known in the USA as the “national pastime,” baseball found its origins in 1871 when the first professional league was formed. The national expansion and excitement surrounding baseball has been credited to Babe Ruth, who led the New York Yankees to four World Series wins in the 1920’s and set staggering home-run records igniting national attention for the all-American sport. Since the 1920’s the Yankees have enjoyed notoriety as an unmatched baseball team, with fans not just in New York but all around the country and the world.

NY Bike Tours by Unlimited Biking


Explore New York City by bike!

Sunset Sail – Shearwater


Manhattan Sunset Sail Aboard the Shearwater
Watch night fall on the city as the sun sets behind the Statue of Liberty from the unbeatable vantage point of the harbor.

This NYC sunset cruise is the perfect way to kick-start your evening or put a long day behind you. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available so you can sip something refreshing as you take in the views of the city’s iconic skyline.
Reserve your spot on the New York City sunset sail today.

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